Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for Change <3

Hello Friends. I guess Danni made me feel really guilty about not posting in a while because here is another post for today! So this is old news but I guess It's a good excuse to post but I've re vamped some of my marketing collateral including my website and Pdf Sample Sheet. So behold the changes:





Overall I just wanted to simply everything and make it more sophisticated. I still like the grays in my branding but for the site i wanted to mix it up and add more inviting colors like that beige, browns and a lovely tinted teal. I'm also in the process of changing my logo – I'm still keeping my rose but I just want a change in typography – something less uptight :) Once that is decided you will be seeing some new stamps and business cards!


oh hello friend said...

everything looks great mye! how come you didn't include that site you did for the footwear -

i thought those layouts were really good ;) im trying to redesign some business cards right now. it's hard! i can't decide on anything. i'll probably just end up changing them anyway. meh.

i really want to start up design friends again, seeing as how it lasted a whole 2 weeks, haha. you in?

oh hello friend said...

guess what?
i posted on design friends! :)
hope you come back.

rocio said...

Hy Myra! Havent seen you in a bit but it was good to stumble across your blog. You rnew site looks so good, I love it! You still look sophisticated but its definitely more inviting! =)