Thursday, November 20, 2008

Downtown Santa Ana

I guess I'm in a Blogging Mood tonight!

I grew up in Santa Ana, and I love this City despite all the bad rep it gets from other Orange County Communities. Which is why I wanted to Share with you how Santa Ana is working to change that! Downtown Santa Ana has began a Renaissance that has captured the attention of people in the arts community through Monthly Artist Walk @ the Artist's Village, new hipster bars, Loft development, and various events such as this one I attended just last weekend:

You can read more about development in Downtown SA here! & come visit!


I've joined kickball for two seasons now with some people from work. Recently, ABC came down to our field to film a report on our little Irvine Central League here in Orange County! Below is the link to the video, I hope to find this on YouTube soon so I can post the actual video on here. Too bad they filmed this after we were done playing that night! It's still cool seeing some people we have played in this video! So Neat! :)

ABC Kickball Report

Join WAKA Kickball Next Season!

watercolor site/blog

I was inspired to redesign my blog header and MYE-DESIGN website
and here they are:

Haha I think I'm going through a hotpink/purple phase...

These are just temporary until I totally integrate my blog and website together. Soon to come...I hope... Now I just have to try out a tutorial so I can use this on the very neglected Designer Friends blog :/ sad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Atomic's new Site

I wanted to share with you guys my friend's new site. I love his design and use of textures in his photography! His new site is really neat, makes me want to ditch flash for css!

enjoy! <3

Felt Club

My friend Danni is really into Making buttons and such. She won a chance to take part of Felt Club! See more of her work on her blog:

some of the things I bought at her booth:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fafi In Mexico

Fafi was in Mexico DF during dia de los Muertos:

I love her work!