Thursday, May 15, 2008

HTML Templates

So these two weeks I've been light at work, since i finished two sites (one of which I have yet to post cuz it hasn't launched but will so soon)

Anywho during these two weeks I've been working on some HTML template sites for work.
I couldn't pick a layout so i made two:

This has also been a learning experience, as far as html capabilities for design and learning what generic features you will find on a website and how those could be editable and expandible.

Have a good one!



Hi all I've realized I have neglected my blog so i will try to change that and that will be my goal for this summer!

For now i leave you with a website i designed which has recently launched:

Hardie Floor

As a new Web Designers i have learned a lot with this project- from working with client edits, design, to flash animation! It's not quite my style a little too clean for me but it was a conservative client. Hopefully ill get into hipper sites in the future. For now i will work on creating my own projects that satisfy my design style. Stay Tuned

much love,