Friday, September 19, 2008

Hollywood Monument

Part two of my last blog... so I decided to make a Hollywood Monument as well–which is what you see when you enter the city (like those cement blocks that say city of whatever)

I really like it when I see typography as a statue or a major design element in real life, and I'm also really into 3d Type. Concept wise this is an extension of the Hollywood sign on the hills, and what better color to describe Hollywood than a neon pink?!

Hollywood Signs

So I've been applying to jobs. and One post required environmental design in my Portfolio and since I really dislike my projects from my Environmental Design class I went ahead and re-Designed one of them... There was more I had done for my class assignment including a monument and two other signs for my city of choice. However, this is all I did so far. I wonder if this is enough?? I might re-design my Chanel Museum Environmental Design Project??? hmm...

Check out these Award Wining Environmental Designs:
SEGD Awards

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I have a thing for roses. It has something to do with my last name, also I recently found out it also stands for the Women's Rights Movement and plus they are just pretty & romantic :) Here are some of my favorite rose images, this was inspired by my friend danni's weekly etsy mood boards:

Tattoo Image & Pink Roses found on flikr– xRay art by
Don DudenbostelBetsy Johnson rose Pattern– Silver Rose ring from etsy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flaunt Magazine

Last year I volunteered at a Fashion Show Sponsored by Flaunt Magazine (–an arts and entertainment lifestyle magazine) During LA Fashion Week. I contemplated seeking a job here because at the time I really wanted to get into magazines but most magazines are located in New York, and this is one of the few quality magazines in LA. I really love how they feature art on their covers.

My favorite is the Cat Cover, I literally stopped at a mag stand to look at it–& I have a thing for Cats :)

Girl Power

I like to consider myself a feminist as I aspire to become self sufficient and a successful female Graphic Designer. I wanted to show some of my inspiration not only in Girl Power, but trends in urban and 90's fashion and design:

Fafi for M.O.B. /

M.O.B. /

Dime Piece /

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Urban Decay

So I've been Freelancing at Urban Decay Cosmetics this week and it feels good to be busy these days. I really dig this company's feminist and Cruelty Free Philosophies check them out at: This is the first project where I got to do some designing (Main Image for the Websie):

I started working on some banners today hopefully I'll have some to show you all.