Monday, May 28, 2007

Child Prostitution

Illustrator '06
This is a poster i made to bring awareness about child prostitution; A very real problem, which i beleive gets little attention...if any.

the second 2 apply to child abuse more than they do to child prostitution in specific.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

School Portrait

Pencil '06
She kind of Creeps me out in a good way.

Another drawing that i think would look better in color maybe ill update her later.

i colored it... but i wish i didnt.


Prisma Color Pencil '07
this was an attempt to add color to my characters.
Inspired by one of my Girlfriends ♥

Designing your Future

Illustrator '06
T shirt Design Submitted for an Ai Tshirt Design Contest which i didnt win :/ but i still like it :)

The theme was designing your future so i figured i would incorporte design utencils/elements with the growth of a flower to signify self growth in an art related field and hense your future in that field.

Bettie Page ♥ stamp

Illustrator '07

Here's an example of my rockabilly/punk influence. I love leopard print!!!!! I just had to incorporate it somewhere!! :)

Personality Collage

Photoshop '05

A personal take on an Eyedea and Abilities song. I'll let you figure this one out :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Paper Bag Art

Prisma Color + Pencil '07

My Planner was way too boring so i decided to get crafty and cover it like my hs text books and draw all over it :)

this picture of my best friend is too cute i just had to illustrate it :)

i lost this planner :( so sad. why they didnt turn it in to lost and found??? i dont know :(

Modern day Impressionist ballerina

Acrylic Paint '06
This painting was inspired by the works of two of my favorite painters; Edgar Degas and MissVan. I also tried to recreate one of my favorite art movements Impressionism.

My favorite part of this painting is deffinately the texture!!!!!! Love it!


Pencil '06

Here's an example of my urban influence.

Miss Smarty Skirts

Pencil '07
I made this one during a lecture in class. It probably explains the nature of this character.