Friday, September 19, 2008

Hollywood Signs

So I've been applying to jobs. and One post required environmental design in my Portfolio and since I really dislike my projects from my Environmental Design class I went ahead and re-Designed one of them... There was more I had done for my class assignment including a monument and two other signs for my city of choice. However, this is all I did so far. I wonder if this is enough?? I might re-design my Chanel Museum Environmental Design Project??? hmm...

Check out these Award Wining Environmental Designs:
SEGD Awards


oh hello friend said...

OOOh, nice good job! They look really legit, I can totally see them as real signs :) I'm sure the perfect job will come along in time.

Anonymous said...

hey foolia. iono about having em in your portfolio. that's kinda a big typographical no-no.
It's prolly one of the biggest. maybe thats why ur teacher didn't let u do that one if it was ur original design. aside from that ur portfolio looks awesome. big up.

serno no.