Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hi all I've realized I have neglected my blog so i will try to change that and that will be my goal for this summer!

For now i leave you with a website i designed which has recently launched:

Hardie Floor

As a new Web Designers i have learned a lot with this project- from working with client edits, design, to flash animation! It's not quite my style a little too clean for me but it was a conservative client. Hopefully ill get into hipper sites in the future. For now i will work on creating my own projects that satisfy my design style. Stay Tuned

much love,

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danni♥hong said...

HURRAY you have real posted work <3 CONGRATS! I am excited for your summer goal to post stuff. you better keep it up ;)

You know monique? Some of her friends keep a blog together:
so they can stay with it since they're out of school and stuff. pretty good idea.