Friday, July 13, 2007


so here's a font i made for my advanced type class. i got really frustrated with it and made another one for the second half of the class...which is why it's incomplete. Unfortunately, my second font didn't come out as good so I regretted my choice, I'll try to make the lower case so its complete and ill post them up later for you to see ♥

any suggestions on the name for this font??? oh and feel free to critique this font since its not yet completed, & if it helps... i created the rest of the letters based on the letter b ;)


MYE-art said...

man now that i see it uploaded on here i think its such a pretty font what was i thinking?!!

Mr. Elliott said...

Talking to yourself in the comments? I like this typeface of yours, seems very much usable witch is one step above allot of fonts out there. Nice job with The Beatles on your MP3 player by the way.

MYE-art said...

yea since no one comments on my stuff! :) but yea i think I'm gonna start doing that more and more :)